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Research Quest – Mar 20 April 6, 2011

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The IQ site was very interesting. The graphics and storyline were intriguing, but unfortunately I could not get beyond the main station in the ship. I did however learn many things. I was fascinated by the video of the elder speaking in his native tongue as that is something I rarely hear. It was so amazing to see how much work was put into the videos and the text, to make it accessible for all. I got a definite feel of the culture even without progressing far into the story, and it made me think differently about my Research paper about Aboriginal education in schools and it’s importance. The fact that these stories and cultures are not fairly represented is starting to get personal for me because as a Canadian I feel ashamed for not knowing these things about the original people of our land. I hope that more people get the chance to visit sites like these and have those experiences.


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