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Research Quest – Mar 14 April 6, 2011

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In my News post, I looked at The Canadian Council website. They have a section where you can send a protest letter to Stephen Harper about the environmental cuts

There is a blurb explaining why you should want to protest, and one of the big reasons is a reduction of $222-million or 20% reduction in spending at Environment Canada. This is a huge deal especially since environmental sustainablity is such an important part of our future. I think that it is really important to stand up for what we as a country believe in, so if Harper wants to cut the spending and we are against it, we should speak up. I wish this site had been more popular, as I know myself and many of my friends would have used it if we had known about it.

They give you a default letter or allow you to write your own, which is great in terms of voicing opinions and feeling like you will actually be heard. I think this idea is great and one that should be much more popular.


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