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Media Stories – Mar 20 April 6, 2011

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Major Story- “Generation Owe”

This story is about the alarming rate of student debt happening in North America. One comedian said that this may be the first generation to say “I cannot afford to live the way I was raised”. This is not news to me but it is frightening. As I did research for the Cabinet, I realized how much debt students face. I have been fortunate enough to come from a famiy who has saved up for me, but I realize that going into grad school is going to be very expensive and I am worried that I will come out owing huge amounts of debt. I think it is vital for this country to start cutting fees or cutting interest on debt as education is so important that it cannot become exclusive to only the rich. It is at the point that so many people are opting out of university just because of the price and that is a very upsetting truth. Canada needs to value education as a top priority as educated minds are invaluable.


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