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End of the Year Reflection April 6, 2011

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This class was an eye-opening experience for me. It is definitely my toughest course to date, but that is not a bad thing. I learned how to apply my knowledge to so many different mediums such as the blogs, guests, films, seminar books, texts and lectures. I really enjoyed the guest speakers. I think it is important to have other voices talk once in a while to make the point seem more legitimate, so we know it is not just a point of view. I found it very interesting to find out hat some of the research that the guests were doing and I appreciated their passions on their subjects. I really enjoyed the seminar books as they weren’t ones that I would normally pick up and read. I found the structure of the seminars a bit confusing and I often was confused about how much we were reading of whichever book. The seminars were a nice intimate setting to talk about our opinions. I think that is a very important part to learning and it helped me understand my readings a lot better, by hearing what others had to say. The films were very beneficial, as they gave a different look into the topics that we were exploring. Being a first year I often felt that I was not at the same level of knowledge as many of the people in the class, and I did not feel very comfortable asking a question or saying an opinion just because I didn’t have a lot of background knowledge. That is something I have tried to work through, becoming more confident in my understanding of the course.

Overall I am taking a lot away from this course. Not only the information, but the want to know more about the world. I now am not comfortable sitting in ignorance not knowing what is happening in countries around us and our own, so I will continue on in keeping updated.


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