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Media April 3, 2011

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Canada is Tweeting. Leaders, though, aren’t listening.

This article was really interesting. It is about political leaders and their usage of Twitter. Many people are saying that they are frustrated from the lack of communication via reply on Twitter, and some people are even basing their votes off it. Some people are saying they will vote for whoever replies back first, or saying they will vote for whichever party if they tweet back saying something that the people choose. This to me is pretty disconcerting. First of all, the politicians aren’t the ones running their Twitters, they have someone doing it for them. Secondly, I agree with a commenter when I say that I’m glad they have something else to do with their time other than tweet. I think people are becoming less about the platforms and more about who tweeted back first, and it’s sad. Especially when they aren’t informed votes, but they are ones like whoever tweets back saying this will get my vote, or, if none of you vote back I’m voting for Green. I just hope that the majority of Canadians are making informed-based decisions and not just who is the most active on Twitter.


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