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Question April 6, 2011

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As the year comes to a close, I ask: In this next upcoming election, how many of us in the class are going to vote? (those who are eligible). It would be really interesting to do a poll of who intends to vote and who actually does. I’m going to vote as I am now legal age, and from this course I have learned that passiveness will take us nowhere. Our country is in need of conscientious voters, and I hope that everyone in the class who can vote, does.


End of the Year Reflection

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This class was an eye-opening experience for me. It is definitely my toughest course to date, but that is not a bad thing. I learned how to apply my knowledge to so many different mediums such as the blogs, guests, films, seminar books, texts and lectures. I really enjoyed the guest speakers. I think it is important to have other voices talk once in a while to make the point seem more legitimate, so we know it is not just a point of view. I found it very interesting to find out hat some of the research that the guests were doing and I appreciated their passions on their subjects. I really enjoyed the seminar books as they weren’t ones that I would normally pick up and read. I found the structure of the seminars a bit confusing and I often was confused about how much we were reading of whichever book. The seminars were a nice intimate setting to talk about our opinions. I think that is a very important part to learning and it helped me understand my readings a lot better, by hearing what others had to say. The films were very beneficial, as they gave a different look into the topics that we were exploring. Being a first year I often felt that I was not at the same level of knowledge as many of the people in the class, and I did not feel very comfortable asking a question or saying an opinion just because I didn’t have a lot of background knowledge. That is something I have tried to work through, becoming more confident in my understanding of the course.

Overall I am taking a lot away from this course. Not only the information, but the want to know more about the world. I now am not comfortable sitting in ignorance not knowing what is happening in countries around us and our own, so I will continue on in keeping updated.


Beyond the Text – Warning Harsh Language

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Excuse the harsh language, but I thought this best described the G20 protests. The people were f***ing angry. Angry at the government spending of this Summit, and even angrier at the Police response. I completely understand, because watching the documentary on it, I was angry too. I don’t have much to say about this picture because I think it speaks for itself, other than it really is true that a picture speaks 1000 words. The passion and anger behind this picture is so amazing that I had to choose it for my beyond the text, even though it did contain harsh language.


Research Quest – Mar 20

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The IQ site was very interesting. The graphics and storyline were intriguing, but unfortunately I could not get beyond the main station in the ship. I did however learn many things. I was fascinated by the video of the elder speaking in his native tongue as that is something I rarely hear. It was so amazing to see how much work was put into the videos and the text, to make it accessible for all. I got a definite feel of the culture even without progressing far into the story, and it made me think differently about my Research paper about Aboriginal education in schools and it’s importance. The fact that these stories and cultures are not fairly represented is starting to get personal for me because as a Canadian I feel ashamed for not knowing these things about the original people of our land. I hope that more people get the chance to visit sites like these and have those experiences.


Media Stories – Mar 20

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Major Story- “Generation Owe”

This story is about the alarming rate of student debt happening in North America. One comedian said that this may be the first generation to say “I cannot afford to live the way I was raised”. This is not news to me but it is frightening. As I did research for the Cabinet, I realized how much debt students face. I have been fortunate enough to come from a famiy who has saved up for me, but I realize that going into grad school is going to be very expensive and I am worried that I will come out owing huge amounts of debt. I think it is vital for this country to start cutting fees or cutting interest on debt as education is so important that it cannot become exclusive to only the rich. It is at the point that so many people are opting out of university just because of the price and that is a very upsetting truth. Canada needs to value education as a top priority as educated minds are invaluable.


Research Quest – Mar 14

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In my News post, I looked at The Canadian Council website. They have a section where you can send a protest letter to Stephen Harper about the environmental cuts

There is a blurb explaining why you should want to protest, and one of the big reasons is a reduction of $222-million or 20% reduction in spending at Environment Canada. This is a huge deal especially since environmental sustainablity is such an important part of our future. I think that it is really important to stand up for what we as a country believe in, so if Harper wants to cut the spending and we are against it, we should speak up. I wish this site had been more popular, as I know myself and many of my friends would have used it if we had known about it.

They give you a default letter or allow you to write your own, which is great in terms of voicing opinions and feeling like you will actually be heard. I think this idea is great and one that should be much more popular.


Media April 3, 2011

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Canada is Tweeting. Leaders, though, aren’t listening.

This article was really interesting. It is about political leaders and their usage of Twitter. Many people are saying that they are frustrated from the lack of communication via reply on Twitter, and some people are even basing their votes off it. Some people are saying they will vote for whoever replies back first, or saying they will vote for whichever party if they tweet back saying something that the people choose. This to me is pretty disconcerting. First of all, the politicians aren’t the ones running their Twitters, they have someone doing it for them. Secondly, I agree with a commenter when I say that I’m glad they have something else to do with their time other than tweet. I think people are becoming less about the platforms and more about who tweeted back first, and it’s sad. Especially when they aren’t informed votes, but they are ones like whoever tweets back saying this will get my vote, or, if none of you vote back I’m voting for Green. I just hope that the majority of Canadians are making informed-based decisions and not just who is the most active on Twitter.